Subproject Database as of June 06, 2024

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Count No. ID Subproject Location Name of Subproject Type of Subproject Unit of Measurement Quantity (Unit) Cost in Pesos Beneficiaries Stage Status Contractor
Cluster Region Province District Municipality Loan Proceeds Government of the Philippines Local Goverment Unit Equity European Union Grant Total No. of Households Population
Male Female Total
1 PRDP-IB-RCAR-BEN-003-000-000-2015 Luzon A CAR Benguet Lone Kibungan Improvement of Amburayan-Boneng-Lubo Farm To Market Road Farm to Market Road (FMR) Kilometer 15.000 120,000,000.00 15,000,000.00 15,000,000.00 0.00 150,000,000.00 - - - - Under FS / DED Preparation Proponent LGU preparing / drafting the Subproject Feasibility Study (FS)
2 PRDP-IB-RCAR-BEN-004-000-000-2015 Luzon A CAR Benguet Lone Kabayan Improvement of Adaoay-Batan Farm to Market Road with Bridge FMR with Bridge Kilometer 10.000 168,000,000.00 21,000,000.00 21,000,000.00