Subprojects Undergoing Procurement (Active for Bidding)
Subproject ID / Name Subproject Location Subproject Type Target Cost (in Peso) Doc Links
Cluster Region Province City / Municipality Unit Quantity PBD / RFQ Map & Geotag Photos
PRDP-IR-R010-BUK-001-000-000-2016-a Cacao Processing and Marketing Closing Date: Nov 12, 2019 Mindanao Region 10 Bukidnon Kadingilan Small Enterprise
Construction of Processing Center (with Site or Land Development and Perimeter Fence) 1 | unit
PRDP-IB-R002-ISA-011-SAO-002-2015 Rehabilitation of Baluarte-Sinili Farm to Market Road Closing Date: Nov 18, 2019 Luzon A Region 2 Isabela Santiago City Farm to Market Road (FMR) Kilometer 7.37 82,840,000.00