Subprojects Undergoing Procurement (Active for Bidding)
Subproject ID / Name Subproject Location Subproject Type Target Cost (in Peso) Doc Links
Cluster Region Province City / Municipality Unit Quantity PBD / RFQ Map & Geotag Photos
PRDP-IR-RCAR-KAL-003-000-000-2018-e Banana (Cardava) Consolidation and Marketing Closing Date: Feb 18, 2020 Luzon A CAR Kalinga Tabuk City Small Enterprise
Establishment of Banana Consolidation and Trading Center (Rebidding using NCB method pf procurement) 1 | Unit
PRDP-IR-R006-NOC-008-000-000-2017-a Muscovado Production and Marketing Enterprise Closing Date: Feb 04, 2020 Visayas Region 6 Negros Occidental Kabankalan City Medium Enterprise
Building 1 | unit