Subprojects Undergoing Procurement (Active for Bidding)
Subproject ID / Name Subproject Location Subproject Type Target Cost (in Peso) Doc Links
Cluster Region Province City / Municipality Unit Quantity PBD / RFQ Map & Geotag Photos
PRDP-IR-R008-LEY-013-000-000-2022-a Seaweeds Production and Trading Enterprise of Leyte Closing Date: Jun 08, 2023 Visayas Region 8 Leyte Merida Small Enterprise
Drying Facility Communal for Bato, Leyte (Please see DED-POW for details) 2 | units
PRDP-IR-R003-NUE-038-BON-001-2020-b Establishment of Onion Cold Storage (Consolidation and Marketing) Closing Date: Jun 16, 2023 Luzon A Region 3 Nueva Ecija Bongabon Medium Enterprise
Construction of Onion Cold Storage Facility (Repackaged) 1 | lot
PRDP-IB-R04A-QUE-041-SAI-039-2022 Concreting and Rehabilitation of Farm-to-Market Road of Castañas-Limbon-Canda-Janagdong 2-Janagdong 1-Tumbaga 2-Sampaloc 2 with Line Canal and Bridge Closing Date: Jun 19, 2023 Luzon B Region 4A Quezon Sariaya FMR with Bridge Kilometer 13.27 249,860,000.00
PRDP-IB-R005-SOR-009-GUB-001-2020 Construction of AA Slaughter House Closing Date: Jun 14, 2023 Luzon B Region 5 Sorsogon Gubat Other Infra Square Meter 3,630.00 40,000,000.00
PRDP-IB-R005-ALB-016-TAB-002-2020 Improvement/Rehabilitation of AA Slaughter House Closing Date: Jun 08, 2023 Luzon B Region 5 Albay Tabaco City Other Infra Square Meter 2,000.00 49,995,000.00