Subproject by Region as of May 30, 2023

RegionProvinceSubprojectsNo. of Proponent GroupsTotal Cost
Region 12North Cotabato3 Start-up713,149,510.76
Region 12North Cotabato2 Upgrading / Expansion222,652,297.36
Region 12North Cotabato6 Upgrading / Expansion657,412,395.82
Region 12North Cotabato2 Upgrading / Expansion267,456,000
Region 12Sarangani1 Start-up718,580,000
Region 12Sarangani3 Upgrading / Expansion845,740,864.56
Region 12South Cotabato3 Start-up830,514,728.50
Region 12South Cotabato4 Upgrading / Expansion1371,519,532.09
Region 12Sultan Kudarat3 Upgrading / Expansion344,004,833.35